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Featured Technical Post

Osservatorio P.A

Post about IHC talk with mes3hacklab

OSCP and EcpptV1

How this certification can help people inside the offensive security industry

Evading SQL Injection Filter to get RCE

From a simple SQLi to system takeover.

Dangerous Path Traversal

A path traversal arbitrary file deletion, and how to avoid it.

About the Beginning

Our idea is to create a group of people who wants to share their personal experiences on the cybersecurity world. CTFers, Pentesters, RedTeamers or Bug Hunters no matter what you are.

Share what you have learned or what you are learning.




Devid Lana

We really don’t know much about him. He’s always flying under the radar. Exfiltrating data makes him feel alive.

“Remaining unpredictable is key”



Edoardo Novello

 Web Application Breaker. Red Teamer. Bug Hunter and also a Magician.

{[Try to be the $martest, but never think to be it.];[@nywhere, @nytime and with @nyone.]}


Vittorio Campagnolo

UniMI IT Digital Communication. Brilliant Graphic Designer, resilient Editor and Director. A keen eye for aesthetics and details. He is the author of the KnifeSec Knife logo


Our idea is to create a group of people who wants to share their knowledge,  to learn together.
No one is the best, no one is the worst, everybody can learn.


Bug Hunting Team

We recently started in the field of Bug Hunting. A truly vast world: so if anyone wants to join our team is welcome.


Forging Division

Nowadays the cybersecurity world is rapidly moving and evolving.

Considering that, all over the internet it is possible to find an enormous amount of information that sometimes might result overwhelming.

Many private companies are offering specific training paths for each subject that occasionally may result tedious and unclear to face alone.

The goal of this division is to bring together people that are interested to forge and sharp their tactical and technical abilities in the field, giving everybody the opportunity to express themselves, share their own experiences, doubts and ideas.